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DEPOT 603 Liquid Hand Soap Citrus & Herbs

DEPOT 603 Liquid Hand Soap Citrus & Herbs

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Liquid hand soap.

Cleanses gently leaving a pleasant fragrance of citrus fruit and Mediterranean aromatic herbs on the skin. Enriched with glycerine and sorbitol which support hydration,a multifunctional botanical complex,and menthol,for a refreshing,soothing and deodorant effect.


Glycerin,a humectant,supports the moisture level of the skin,keeping it soft and supple
Sorbitol,humectant and skin conditioning,supports skin hydration preventing dehydration and dryness
Derivative of Vitamin E,an antioxidant and anti-radical
Menthol,refreshing,soothing and perfuming


Dose a small quantity into damp hands,then lather.