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DEPOT 502 Beard & Moustache Butter

DEPOT 502 Beard & Moustache Butter

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Nourishing and softening butter for beard and mustache.

A balanced set of natural active moisturizes,nourishes,softens and protects the delicate facial hair. It also gives Shine and light control.


Shea butter,softening and nourishing,protective due to its richness in vitamins and phytosterols
Coconut oil,emollient,nourishing and conditioning
Jojoba oil,emollient,nourishing and conditioning
Sweet almond oil,emollient,nourishing and conditioning
Argan oil,emollient,nourishing and conditioning
Sunflower oil,softening,nourishing and protective. Rich in minerals,vitamins,unsaturated fatty acids and oleic acid; protective and antioxidant due to its content of vitamin E
Black tea leaves extract,natural humectant and antioxidant
Vitamin E,an antioxidant and anti-radical


Remove a small amount of product,work it in your hands and massage into beard and mustache in every direction.